What Is Nutrition Therapy?

Good nutrition is the absolute bedrock of healthy eggs and sperm as well as a healthy pregnacy and child.  Nutritional Therapy is a highly personalised, tailored way of assessing your current nutritional status, determining what might be holding you back – nutritionally-speaking – from achieving a healthy pregnancy, and then working with you to ensure optimum nutrition to support your health now, during pregnancy and throughout the post partum phase.  Working with a Nutritional Therapist is a true partnership and often, an extraordinary, (and extraordinarily useful) journey of discovery.

How Could Nutrition Therapy Help Me?

The foods we consume can have a profound affect on our eggs (and partners sperm) as well as the environment inside the uterus.  Eating foods that support our reproductive health and capacity to become pregnant are a vital element to successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

Our two nutritional therapists, Polly Webb and Karen Allen Jones have many years experience helping women in the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post partum stages and offer tailored advice and support.  They have a range of tools available including taking a very deep-dive into the current status-quo regards your health and diet,  often suggesting a range of hormonal blood tests (and sometimes stool samples) to get the most accurate picture possible.  Their recomendations range from dietary changes through to supplements and sometimes, tweaks and alterations in lifestyle.