Your Helping Hand

We are Reigate Fertility;  think of us as your expert helping hand.   We are highly skilled and experienced practitioners in a wide variety of complementary and natural health therapies; acupunture, ayurveda, counselling, herbal medicine, massage therapy, nutritional therapy, reflexology, reiki and physiotherapy. We work with you to help whatever the starting point.  Together, we bring guidance, support and treatment to help you on your journey to baby-making.  Our approach is about you – the person, and everything we do is framed by your needs and your goals.

We take a multi-faceted, predominantly natural approach to your fertility and look at it from every angle giving you physical support, emotional support and expert guidance just when it’s needed.   We won’t overload you with too much information (we know it’s easy to get bogged down)  rather give you advice, suggestions and treatment based on what YOU need.

Many of us at the practice have faced fertility hurdles ourselves;  between us having been told getting pregnant is very unlikely, or we’ve needed IVF, suffered miscarriage and the devastation of baby loss, and sometimes many years of trying to become a parent.   Yet despite these hurdles, we have all eventually become mothers and fathers one way or another.  We deeply connect with women and men who are struggling to conceive and really understand the determination and resilience infertility demands of us, and the sacrifices we make along the way.   We understand how conflicting and painful it feels when a friend announces a pregnancy, we know what it feels like to see a negative pregnancy test result or have an unsuccessful IVF cycle;  we really get it.

When our clients tell us they have become pregnant, we share their joy as if it were our own and many tears of happiness have been shed among us when our clients finally achieve a longed-for pregnancy.  Our clinic has many baby announcement cards and they make us smile every time we pass them in our hall.

Let Us Help You

We work with women, men and couples at practically every stage of their fertility journey

• Preconception support
• Trying naturally
• Starting fertility investigations with your doctor
• Needing Letrozole or Clomid
• Having IVF (including ICSI and IMSI, and frozen embryo transfer)
• Needing donor eggs or donor sperm
• One or more miscarriages
• Conceiving after loss
• Moving on

We also work with women throughout pregnancy and the early post-partum to support them through the challenges, niggles and joys of pregnancy.

We invite you to have a look around our site to see if it connects with where you are and what you’re trying to achieve.  It may be that you keep us in your back-pocket for sometime in the future and that’s fine too!  Remember that wherever you are on your fertility journey, we are here for you;  your expert helping hand.

“I saw Sam for fertility issues and during our first session, she went over my entire medical history in great detail to really pinpoint the best course of action for me. I then received by email a comprehensive summary including lifestyle recommendations. To this day, I am convinced that her care and dedication played a big part in me getting pregnant after a few sessions. I continued to see her throughout the pregnancy and she always took the time to check in with me, I felt very well taken care of and listened to, which was a lovely change from the (sometimes) abrupt manner I encountered from medical staff in Western medicine. She was quick to insert the needles so that most of the time I didn’t even feel them, and the atmosphere in the room was peaceful and very relaxing (I fell asleep a number of times). If I had questions outside of our appointments, she always took the time to give me a call back or answer my emails, which I greatly appreciated. I cannot recommend her services enough!”

We Welcome Diversity

We believe everyone has the right to be a parent and we love diversity;  it makes us who we are. When you visit us know that we are sensitive to what differentiates us and what brings us together.  We welcome same-sex couples, single mothers-to-be (and dads) people who live in larger bodies, non-binary and gender-neutral people, individuals of colour and indeed all humans with their wonderful uniqueness.