What is Acupunture?

Acupuncture is one of five therapies that fall under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  TCM offers a different way of looking at the body in health and illness and correspondingly, different ways of addressing disease, disregulation or ill health. It is a comprehensive and logical system of healthcare and acupuncture itself is one of the most well-known, widely accepted and academically rigorous of the complementary therapies.  It’s also very commonly used among couples trying to conceive and regularly undertaken alongside IVF.  Acupuncture uses exceptionally fine needles to gently stimulate acupressure points across the body to guide you back to health.  All treatments are rooted in your own individual diagnosis with a strong focus on your overall goals for having acupuncture.

How Could It Help Me?

Acupuncture has a huge amount to offer in helping the body and mind in preparation for pregnancy or fertility treatment.  Acupuncture takes a whole-person approach to not just your fertility, but all of your health, helping to gently guide you back into balance.  It is also fantastically relaxing and induces a real sense of well-being.  Our starting point is an in-depth understanding of your menstrual cycle and fanning out from there to encompass your diet and digestion, your physical, mental and emotional health, your hobbies, fitness, sleep habits and overall lifestyle.  We set this in context of the story so far regards your conception journey to arrive at diagnostic patterns we use as the basis of our plan for your acupuncture treatment.  Each treatment builds on the strength of the last and over time you will notice real improvements.  We have treated many hundreds of women over the last decade and shared the joy of many hundreds of babies being born to our patients.