Getting Started

If you’re on a journey to family making or family building and you feel like you need a little help – or even alot of help! – you’ve come to the right place.  We are natural health practitioners and together we offer a range of treatments choices to help and support you.

Each person’s starting point is different and the treatment or therapies you choose to help you will reflect where you are and what feels most important.    You may feel more naturally inclined to one treatment more than another (for example, some people absolutley know that acupuncture is the right choice, or reflexology, while others find the impact of trying to conceive on their relationship with their partner is really suffering so will opt for counselling).

If you feel a bit lost as to where to start and are in need of some signposting, or just want to get more of a feel for what might be the right direction to go in, book in with our clinical director and fertility expert, Samantha, via our online discovery call, and she will be able to help guide you.

Many of our clients have one or two ‘core’ therapies (acupuncture or counselling for example) and will add other therapies in (Clinical Massage therapy, or reflexology,nurtitional therapy) as needed.

How We’re Different

We work in a multi-discliplinary way which means that we bring our different skills, expertise, experience and treatments to help you.  This doesn’t mean that you’ll need all the treatments on offer, but it does mean that our collective ‘brain’ will be used to support and guide you where necessary.  We have regular team meetings which enables us to share best practice, brainstorm tricky cases or bring a new focus to the management of particular cases.

Sometimes it’s necessary to refer patients onto other healthcare professionals (like medical doctors) and we are well networked with gynaecologists, miscarrige doctors and fertility specialists to signpost you to the best option. We have worked with patients attending practically all IVF providers in the South East and many clinics abroad (Spain, Scandinavia and the USA for example) so can give you the benefit of the knowledge and experience passed on to us from patients who have used these services.

We are passionate about reproductive health and we are 100% committed to your fertility journey and to our own continuing professional development in this area.